Top 10 benefits of booking an airport taxi with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

If you’ve booked tickets to a new holiday destination, the excitement can quickly take over, and you forget how you’ll get from the airport to your hotel or back home! Travelling is one of the most exciting things people can do, especially after so many border closures and lockdowns.

People are gearing up and getting ready to explore the world again. However, if you leave (or arrive at) Melbourne Airport, you’ll need to organise transport for yourself. After you get your bags and head outside, you’ll find three main travel options to and from Melbourne Airport. These options are SkyBus, catching a waiting taxi, or booking a rideshare service.

Using a taxi service is often the best choice of these three options. But, if you have a lot of bags or are travelling in a group, then booking in with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is the ultimate choice. This article will cover the top ten benefits of booking an airport taxi with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport.

The top ten reasons for booking an airport taxi with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

1.      Convenience

When booking an airport taxi with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, you can choose the time and place you’d like to be picked up. Some people mistake booking a taxi when their plane arrives but giving yourself some extra time after your plane lands is best. Grab your bags and a coffee, and our driver will arrive on time, ready to collect you.

2.      Relaxing

Riding in a roomy maxi cab will be the ultimate in a relaxing ride. Most airport taxis will only fit four people and a few bags. When booking an airport taxi with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we can accommodate up to eleven people and still have room for your bags. Even if you’re only travelling with a few people, you can stretch out and enjoy a comfortable ride until you reach your final destination.

3.      Plenty of storage space

If you are going away for more than a few days, you’ve probably got a lot of bags. Standard taxis can usually only fit in one standard-sized bag for travellers. If you have a lot of bags, you may need to take two taxis to the airport, which can blow out your budget before you even leave on your holiday!

4.      Travel as a family

Many Australian families have more than four people; if that is the case for your family, you’ll likely need a couple of standard taxis. Travelling together in a luxurious maxi cab to Melbourne Airport is the ideal way to arrive together and ensure no one gets lost. Our drivers use the latest GPS tracking to ensure you get to the airport using the best route possible.

5.      Lower costs

Taking more than one taxi to the airport will double your travelling costs. When booking an airport taxi with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we’ll provide a price estimate for the trip. As we can fit eleven people with all your luggage, you won’t need the additional expense of taking more than one taxi.

6.      Skip the queues

After you arrive at Melbourne Airport, if you haven’t booked a maxi cab, then it’s likely you’re in for a long wait as taxis waiting at the airport will take the first person available. Some people consider that using a rideshare service can be an excellent way to skip the queue, but when the area is busy, you could be up for many addon charges that can see your fare double! Avoid the queues and ensure you book an airport taxi with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport.

7.      Riding with a professional driver

Have you ever got in a rideshare vehicle, and the person is a terrible driver? Nothing can be more stressful than driving with someone who dodges through traffic to get you to your destination in the fastest – and often most reckless – way possible. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the type of driver (or vehicle condition) when you choose a ride-share service. At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, all our drivers are highly trained and take their job of delivering the best customer service seriously.

8.      Book for a collection time of your choice

When you book a ride with Maxi Cab at Melbourne Airport, you can choose when we arrive to collect you. If you are ready to go to the airport but are relying on rideshare services, there may not be any available in your area, and you have to wait until one is ready. Booking an airport taxi with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, you decide on the perfect time for our team to collect you.

9.      Drop off at any location or multiple locations

If you’re travelling with friends, then it is possible you’d like to be dropped off at a few different locations. Booking a maxi cab means you’ll get the option of multiple drop-off points. This feature is also ideal if members of your party stay at a few different hotels in the city.

10.  Easy booking process

We offer two easy methods when booking h Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport. You can book online or call one of our team members on +61 3 8374 2232. Giving you additional options means you can book at a time that is convenient for you!

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