The Best Reasons for Booking Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport

There are many options for airport transfers for people coming into Melbourne. If you’re looking for a service that gives you the best options in transport, you’ll need to book a Maxi Taxi at Melbourne Airport. With some of the other options available, you’re required to be at a certain location at a certain time; if you don’t know your way around Melbourne Airport this can add extra stress to your day! In this short article, we’ll discuss the reasons that we feel Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is the most suitable way to travel from (or to!) Melbourne’s busiest airport.

Booking Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport to arrive safely at your destination

Regardless of how far you’re flying, all plane travel can be exhausting. The last thing you need is problems with your transport from the airport to your hotel (or residence). By securing the services of a professional team, you can chillout and relax in the maxi cab. With seating for up to eleven (11) people you can either stretch out and relax, or travel as a group. If you’re travelling in a large group, you’ll all arrive on time at your destination. No more will you need to take separate vehicles and then wait around waiting for the other party members to arrive.

When you book a maxi cab Melbourne Airport, you’re engaging in the services of a professional team. As our team regularly travels from the city to the airport, we know the best routes to get you to your Melbourne destination faster. This relates to a reduced taxi charge, or a faster drop off time than many other airport transfer options. You can book in with our team ahead of your flights and this will secure our services for the day of your arrival.

St Kilda Pier at Dusk - Melbourne Tourism

Ease of access to Melbourne’s best tourist spots

If you’re visiting Melbourne for business or a holiday, there will be times that you want to see some of the best that Melbourne has to offer. There are many different public transport options, but many visitors find it confusing and hard to negotiate. When you book a Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we can take you to anywhere in Melbourne city. Even though we specialise in airport transfers, our team is highly qualified for all other travel, and can take you to tourist spots, or to and from special events.

Melbourne is widely known as the most liveable city in Australia. It has a huge art culture, and has many different events happening all year round. There are major events such as the Australian Open, Australian Moto Grand Prix, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, and the Melbourne Cup; in fact, there is usually something special happening every weekend. At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we can let you know about events that are happening and what you may like to visit, and then book you in so you can be dropped off and picked up at a certain time. This reduces all need to worry about your transfer to and from an event, and you can focus on having a great time.

Less worry about getting around Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city (and is predicted to become the largest in a few years). With an estimated population of nearly 5 (five) million people it can be a confusing place to get a round. If you travel within the city block it is possible to walk around, but the city centre is reasonably hilly and if you do not know your way around it can quickly become problematic. The city centre is grid based, but as there are many different alleyways, trams, and unusual traffic conditions (including the dreaded ‘hook turns’) it can prove challenging to navigate by foot.

At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we are specialists at providing services to tourists and other visitors in getting around the city centre, and beyond! You can talk with our expert team and they can let you know the approximate costs for city travel when you book a maxi cab at Melbourne Airport. If you have your itinerary sorted out you can book in for all your transfers in one go, this will secure the services of one of our drivers. That means you’ll get to know your driver and be happy that all your dealings are consistent and professional.

Return transfer to Airport all in one booking

Booking a maxi cab Melbourne Airport is easy through our website. You can enter in your details of where and when you’d like to secure our services and then we’ll contact you to confirm the booking. At this time, you may prefer to book in for your return travel. By going with the same company, you can be sure of getting excellent service. We have delivered many people to the airport successfully and have the reviews to back up our claims of being excellent at what we do.

All of the drivers we employ are specialists, and they are selected for their exceptional customer service skills, along with their driving abilities. We thrive on providing the best experience for our clients. We want your time in Melbourne to be memorable as we enjoy showing off the city that we live and work in. All of the services offered by Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport are designed to keep our clients feeling safe and happy.

Getting to Melbourne Airport on time

As with all travel to Melbourne Airport, you want to arrive on time for your flights. Being late is not an option for all airlines, we know the best routes to get you there on time, and will suggest an earlier booking if we feel that you may arrive a little too late to get your flights. This takes the pressure off you to make sure you calculate your transport and arrival times accurately.

There can be many reasons for delay in getting out to the airport, with the mains ones being road works, and peak hour traffic conditions. For example, in the afternoon it may be advisable to add an extra hour to your transfer time, based on the actual collection address. For an accurate travel time you can call our team and they can suggest a suitable time for your departure to the airport.

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