Most useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi when travelling in Melbourne


Useful Ideas for Maxi Cab & Taxi When travelling in Melbourne

If you’re new in Melbourne, then getting around can cause some headaches. While the city has a reasonably good public transport system, it can still be hard to navigate. With buses, trains, and trams, which do you catch and what is best for seeing the sights of the city? In this article we’ll take you through some of the best spots in Melbourne and why hiring the services of a maxi taxi is the most convenient option for travellers. Feel free to read through and uncover the most useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi service in Melbourne.

Travelling Around Melbourne City

If you’re only moving around the city, trams are an excellent option. There is a free tram line that can get you from your hotel to many different places in the city. If you are into freeform travel and interested in simply exploring what the city has to offer then using this service is often easiest. While you don’t need a MYKI card for the trams, it may be a good option to get one just in case you find yourself missing one of the last stops in the free zone. For a map of where you can go using the free tram service you can use this map.

This service can take you to some of the most common tourist spots in the city. Knowing exactly where to get off for your destination can take some time to learn. Transport maps are often confusing and difficult to read. There is a government app provided by the Victorian government, but again it can take some time to become fully familiar with how it works, you can download this from Apple & Android. We suggest giving the app a go, especially if you want to make use of the free tram network.

Travelling from Melbourne Airport

The most useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne are travelling to and from the major airports in Melbourne. Currently Melbourne has no public transport available that will get you from the airports to the city. While there are plans in the works, we’re not holding our breath as there have been talks about building a train line and other services since it was built. You can call on Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport to collect you and drop you off at your hotel or other residences (Melbourne has a large selection of home stays available through Airbnb).

Although there are other options in getting to Melbourne airport, having a maxi taxi cabs take you from point A to point B is the most direct and comfortable. You’ll have the chance to talk to your driver and they can tell you some interesting sights that you may want to see; or if you prefer you can ride in silence and simply enjoy seeing the city from the comfort of one of our maxi taxis.

Other useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi

Once you head out from the city getting public transport can be a little more difficult. This is especially true because most of the lines are functional for residents. Usually trains and trams lead into residential areas. Generally, suburbs are not suitable for tourists; unless you’re interested in seeing how local people live and what general shopping options are available.

There is a free shuttle service that can take you directly to Chadstone shopping complex, but if you’re intending on spending the day and have a lot of shopping to bring back to where you’re staying you may need the assistance of one of our premium Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport vehicles.

The collection of passengers for shopping travel is another of our most useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi. We can show you around some very different places where having access to a service that allows for a large group to travel and still have room for bags and shopping is excellent. You can ask one of our team to collect you from any location, and at any time. We’ll fit in with your shopping plans and you can use our services to hop on and off all over Melbourne.

Finding your way to tourist spots in Melbourne

Melbourne (and the rest of Victoria) has many different tourist spots and often the best way to get to these is via a through the services offered by Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, especially if you’re travelling in a group. As we continue discussing useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi, taking note of the special tourist locations around the city is an excellent way to plan out your stay.

Melbourne has some of the most amazing beaches that are suitable for people with families. If you head down to the Morning Peninsula area you can enjoy some shallow beaches that are perfect for young children. You can also find many surf beaches, if that is more to your tastes, these include Gunnamatta Beach, and the world-famous Bells Beach at Torquay.

You can use a Maxi Taxi to reach all of these destinations and more. For a full list of useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi, you can book in with one of our expert drivers and they can make some suggestions for any sights you’d like to see in Melbourne. We can be contracted to take you around to many different locations, and be called upon to pick you up at a certain time and take you back to your hotel. While you’re on holidays, hiring the Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport service is an excellent way to make sure you are taken care of and reduce your worry about getting around. You can book in advance at any time through our website or by calling us on +61 3 8374 2232.

Get the best drivers with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

When you book in with our team you are securing the services of a professional driving team. We are very knowledgeable in all things around Melbourne. If you know where you want to go you can secure our services for any day. By hiring the one driver to take you around means that you get to know your driver. This makes it easier to know where you’re going and who will be picking you up and from where. You can contact us at any time through our website or by calling our team directly.