How to Book a Cab at Melbourne Airport


How to Book a Cab at Melbourne Airport – There is nothing more exciting than packing your bags or getting ready for a trip and exploring a new place. Traveling alone offers us an independent and proud feeling, but it becomes more enjoyable when you are with your loved ones. Melbourne is one of the gorgeous cities that calls millions of tourists across the globe. While flying in the air or after landing at Melbourne Airport, passengers often go for the “Let’s Book a Cab” option. Because cabs provide the ultimate comfort and make you reach on time on your desired point. In this guide, we tell you about How to Book a Cab at Melbourne Airport so that you can enjoy a comfortable and unforgettable travel experience.

After the long flying journey, it is natural to be exhausted and wish for a restful vehicle once you step on the land. Public transport demands waiting time that can make you feel more Jet – Lag. That’s why booking a cab will be a fantastic choice for you and here Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport steps in! We are committed to providing the most restful airport transfer services to every kind of passenger. All our fleets are mechanically sound and offer ample space that flawlessly accommodates larger groups with luggage, ensuring a secure and wonderful ride.

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Before We Proceed…

Started operating in 1970, Melbourne is the second busiest airport in Australia handling millions of passengers every year. According to the report given by Melbourne Airport, in February 2023, more than 2.3 million passengers including domestic and international landed at Melbourne Airport.

How to Book a Cab at Melbourne Airport

Booming Trend of Booking Cab in Melbourne

Multiple transportation options help tourists to reach their final destination. They can choose a taxi, book a cab, and travel by train or bus to the next location. However, it has been observed that most of the passengers book a cab, leading to a rising demand for airport transfer or cab services. The access to booking any kind of vehicle and the comfortable riding experience are the main reasons for it!

How to Book a Cab at Melbourne Airport

In this fast-paced century, every person carries a smartphone in their pocket. They have shifted from first getting dressed, traveling, reaching the store, and buying the item to shopping in a few clicks in the comfort of the sofa. In Melbourne, cab booking has become the trending choice among the people. You can easily reserve your vehicle from anywhere and at any time!

Book Your Cab Online

Below are the steps to book a cab at Melbourne Airport via online method :

  • Visit the website Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport
  • On the homepage, an online form will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the essential details like Name, email ID, registered phone number, pick and drop address, date, time, and others that are shown.
  • Also, mentioned if there is a requirement for a baby seat (additional charges will apply )
  • Select the type of vehicle that suits your travel needs.
  • Choose yes, if you want to return and submit the return date and time.
  • Click on the send button.
  • Your cab is booked.
  • Two choices are available for payment- Via card or pre-pay when you book. You can go for any according to your convenience.
Book Your Cab: Other Method

Customers may face technical errors while navigating the website to book a cab or taxi. In that case, non-robotic options and traditional methods are here for you!

To book your vehicle, give us a call at +61 383 74 22 32 or share the details on email id Our dedicated and friendly team is 24X7 available and ready to help you.

Why Choose Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport for Booking a Cab at Melbourne Airport

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport – Creating a travel journey from fine to fantastic!

We take pride in offering top-notch pick-and-drop services to our customers. Whether you are new to Melbourne or a local tourist, you can expect a smooth and marvelous travel experience with us.

We have a stunning and exclusive range of fleets that covers stand, premium, and maxi cabs. While booking, the customer can click on any of the vehicles that coordinate with their travel desires and group size, offering customized journeys.

“Plan Change” means “More Money? Absolutely, No. Talk to our team and modify your booking with zero charges. We know that you are already exhausted from a long flight. And waiting for your cab to reach your final location can off your active mode. But once you reserve your cab, our driver will arrive at the airport to pick you up, even before you.

Moreover, if your flight is late our drivers will wait for 10 minutes without any fees.

Airport Transfers are our business, but nothing matters in front of our esteemed passenger’s safety and health. All our vehicles are mechanically tested and follow the cleanliness protocol before boarding the passengers, ensuring that you choose a secure and healthy vehicle.

If you are curious to know more about our services or want to book your vehicle, feel free to reach out to us. Below are the contact details:

Contact Information

Phone Number: +61 383 74 22 32
Email Id:
Official Address: 668 Bourke St, Melbourne. Vic -3000, Open 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Book a Cab at Melbourne Airport

Q1: How can I book a cab at Melbourne Airport?

Ans: To book your cab online at Melbourne Airport, browse the Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport. Fill out the details. Select your vehicle type and click on the send button. You can also book your vehicle, by giving us a call at +61 383 74 22 32 or sharing the details on the email id Our dedicated and friendly team is 24X7 available and ready to help you.

Q2 Are there any additional charges to alter the booking?

Ans: In case of any plan change, you can call our team to modify the booking. No extra charges will be applied.

Q3: What are the estimated fares for hiring a cab for Melbourne Airport?

Ans: The estimated price for booking a cab is approx $55 to $75. Moreover, it may vary on several aspects like distance, time, group size, type of vehicle, additional charges like the requirement of a baby seat, toll fees if applicable, and many more.

Q4: Why is the trend of cabs rising?

Ans: Over the past few years, it has been observed that most passengers book a cab to reach their final place, leading to a rising demand for cab services. The access to booking any kind of vehicle and the hassle-free riding experience are the main reasons for it!