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If you’re planning a visit to Melbourne then going to the AFL should be on the cards. Luckily, travel to the AFL is surprisingly easy. There is a unique atmosphere around the game and with crowds in excess of 40,000 you’ll find that being there is simply more than just watching a game. There are games being played during most weekends in Melbourne during the winter months. Games are held during the day and night. While it is a national sport, you’ll find that in Melbourne, AFL is life for many people. They simply love the game and are quite passionate about their teams.

While the games are quite accessible to many people, due to the high attendance rate it can be challenging to pick the best method to get there, especially if you’re not sure how the local public transport system works; there can be nothing worse than missing a stop and trying to figure out what went wrong! In this article we’ll cover the best ways to travel to the AFL and get there on time ready for the first siren, an estimate for how long getting there will take, what you can and can’t take to a game.

How do you travel to the AFL?

When you’re looking to travel to the AFL, there are a few different options. You can walk, catch public transport, drive yourself, or book a taxi. If you’re staying in the city it is possible to walk to the MCG or Marvel Stadium as these are reasonably close to most major hotels. However, if you’re not that familiar with the city layout it can be quite intimidating and it is possible to get lost. Melbourne is considered a very safe city so there probably won’t be any problems if you choose to walk. If travel to the AFL is on the cards make sure you have a good set of updated maps in your phone. This will help you to check the total distance you’ll be walking.

For most people in Melbourne a great option is using the public transport system. On game days they generally put on extra trains to cater for the thousands of people looking to get to the game and then back home when it has finished. While getting there the crowds are often scattered, on the way home there can be a little bit of a crush due to the crowd, and occasionally you may find people are intoxicated. If you’re not that used to the public transport system it can be very easy to get on the wrong train or miss the stop on the way there; however usually you can simply follow the people that are dressed up for the game to make it easier to find your way.

MCG from above

Driving to the AFL

While it is possible to drive to the game, there are some very limited parking options at the stadiums. You may find it best to choose a good parking garage that is nearby and then walk the rest of the way. This is okay if you are happy to walk a little bit; but make sure you take some money for parking. You can expect to pay $5-$10 per hour depending on how close you are to the stadium (a game will last 3-4 hours).

Travel to the AFL in a taxi is the most convenient method for getting you directly to the stadium. They will get you within the closest distance and that can limit the amount of walking (with public transport you’ll still need to walk over half a kilometre). When you use a Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, you’ll be able to transport up to 11 people and still have room for any luggage. One of our Maxi Cab operators can meet you at your hotel or home. Then they’ll take you directly to the stadium on time for the kick-off. We can then meet you outside the venue at a predetermined time; or you may prefer to go out to dinner afterwards. We’ll meet you wherever it is most convenient.

How long does it take to get to the AFL?

The exact time that your travel to the AFL will take can depend on your starting location. If you are walking from a city location, you can expect the walk to take about thirty minutes if you start at Bourke Street Mall (generally considered to be the heart of the city). Public transport can take around an hour for any of the outer suburbs; with a fifteen minute walk when you get off the train. If you have the chance to take a tram. This may be the better public transport option as it can drop you off a little closer.

Our Maxi Cab can get quite close and drop you off at a time that fits with your schedule. When thinking about your travel to the AFL consider what is most convenient for you. Generally, there are several options and pros and cons with all of them. A Maxi Cab is the most convenient option for many people as you can create your own schedule. It can be customized to what you plan to do before the game and after. If you’re planning on drinking alcohol at the game you won’t need to be concerned about driving; or spending time figuring out how to get back home or to your hotel.

What can I take when I travel to the AFL?

When it comes to travel to the AFL there are some things that you cannot take with you. The majority of these restrictions are for the protection of other visitors and players. They are designed so that everyone shares in the same great experience. Most items are general common sense and include things such as fireworks, alcohol; basically anything that is considered to be a weapon. But you also cannot take any glass or canned drinks, pets (other than assistance animals), or musical instruments. Commercial video equipement and cameras are also banned. It is also considered unsuitable to open an umbrella if it obscures the vision of another patron. For a complete list of anything you should not take to the AFL you can check their website.

Book a Maxi Cab to the AFL

At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, you can book in easily for your travel to the AFL. All this can be done through our website in a few minutes. Alternatively, you can call one of our team members on 03 8374 2232 and we’ll book you in. All our drivers are fully qualified and skilled at getting people to the stadiums on time and in comfort.

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