How to Book Wheelchair Taxi to Melbourne Airport

Booking a wheelchair enabled taxi to get to Melbourne airport can be a frustrating event, and at Maxi Cab Melbourne, we get it. You can book in using our online booking system, or you can call through to get your taxi secured on the dates that you need it for. Our aim is to provide the highest level of service possible, and a huge part of this is making sure our customers get to their destination safely and securely.

In our fleet of over 40 vehicles we have fitted many of them to be suitable to wheelchair passengers. If you want to ride in style and get to your flight on time, you can book in with us and we’ll get you there. Our drivers are educated on the best routes to both of Melbourne’s airports (and all the minor ones). With our online booking system, we’ll always arrive early so you’ll never miss an appointment or your flight.

Our fleet consists of a variety of vehicles and we have found that by offering services to help our wheelchair passengers. We know that it can be difficult and with our fleet operating in Melbourne every day we are on the road more often than most.

Why You Should Book Your Taxi Early

Booking your Wheelchair Enabled Maxi Cab in early allows us to organize our fleet to meet demand. While we have taxis available every day, if there are no passengers who need a wheelchair taxi, we will send it out to service other customers. By booking in early it’s guaranteed that one will be available.

We have booking forms available on our website, and we encourage all of our customers to book through this method. We can pick you up from any location and by using the fee calculator you’re able to see the approximate cost of the trip.

If you’re traveling with other passengers, we’d recommend that you meet in an area that most people can get to and this can save on your fare. We have found that most people will use the city as a communal meeting point, as it is usually very easy to get there.

If you’re not able to meet your friends in the city, we can pick you up at your address and make a short stop to pick others up on the way, if that is suitable. All you need to do is let us know about what you’d like us to do and we can get it sorted out. There’s no penalty for making an extra stop as you’re paying for time and distance, so if the stop is on the way it will not cost you anything extra.

Booking for Arrivals into Melbourne

If you’re arriving in Melbourne on a specific date, you can still book in with us. You’ll need to nominate a drop off point when you book. If you’re not sure about your destination, most people will choose a spot in the city, and then when you know that address you can either email us, or let the driver know.

Although most of the routes are planned in advance, our drivers are skilled in their knowledge of Melbourne and the suburbs, if they need to, they’ll use onboard GPS units for the finer details. As Melbourne has some toll roads, it is up to you if you’d like us to use them and we’ll avoid these roads.

When you book in for collections from one of Melbourne major airports, we will give you a pickup location. We’ll monitor the flights if they’re delayed, but we usually recommend that you book in your taxi service at least an hour after the flight has been scheduled to land (two hours for international flights). This way it gives you enough time to collect your baggage and make your way to the taxi pickup areas.

How to Arrive at The Airport in Style

Arriving at the airport for your flight can be quite stressful, if the traffic is busy it can take a little more time than expected. With our system we can calculate the time it will take based on the day that you are planning to leave. But, as a general guide, if your flight is scheduled to leave in the evening you may encounter peak hour traffic as everyone is going home from the city. Therefore, you may need to add in a half hour to forty-five minutes to your travel time, if you’re traveling from the city to the airport (either Tullamarine or Avalon).

When you book in with us, we can drop you off very close to the departure lounges. This can actually save you plenty of time and is especially handy if you’re meeting other people at the airport as they know where you’ll be. If you drive yourself in it can add extra costs as you’ll either need to pay for parking close to the airport in long term car parking, or park further away and catch a secondary bus to drop you off. All of which can be less than ideal if you need it to be wheelchair accessible.

Why You Should Book with MaxiCab Melbourne Airport

At MaxiCab Melbourne Airport we are committed to getting our passengers to their destination on time every time. We’ll arrive with plenty of time to spare, and make sure all our passengers are comfortable and their luggage is loaded securely before leaving the destination.

Our drivers are highly trained in customer service as well as driving techniques. We thrive on making our customers feel secure and we drive according to the road conditions. This can mean that we’ll drive a little slower in difficult conditions and we’re mindful of the need for our customers to arrive on time for their departure flights. We recommend booking your trip to arrive at least one and a half hours before your flight is scheduled to leave. This will give you enough time to get to your flight without being late.

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