Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport Fare Calculation


Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport Fare Calculation – Traveling from A to B point is not like a cup of coffee. With the excitement and joyfulness, it also comes with multiple challenges including reaching on time, safety, comfort, and more importantly calculating the transportation fares. If you are landing at Melbourne Airport, then the most convenient way to reach your final destination is Maxi Cab. If you are an international tourist and going to explore this stunning city “Melbourne” then you are on the perfect page! In this detailed exploration, we will delve into Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport Fare Calculation. Stay Tuned!

We all are the smart citizens of the global village. With the latest technology and scientific innovations, you can connect to the person sitting in any corner of the world. Now, you don’t have to visit the store for shopping. People can easily shop for their goods in just a few clicks. The same process applies while booking a cab or taxi. The passengers can reserve their vehicle via online method and on the phone call. Booking a maxi cab online will not only save you time but also offer you the ultimate comfort throughout the way to your home, hotel, or other place.

But before hiring a maxi cab or taxi make sure it is reliable, safe, and fits your budget. And how can we forget Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport? We are one of the noteworthy and well-recognized maxi cab and taxi service providers and aim to offer the most restful airport transfer services to passengers.

Talking about the fares, all our pick-and-drop services have competitive charges that easily fit into the rider’s pocket. Safety is the priority. From compact to luxurious, all our fleets are in perfect condition, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

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Factors Impacting Maxi Cab Fares from Melbourne Airport

Below are the significant factors that influence the maxi cab fares from Melbourne Airport Transfers :


Distance matters a lot. The longer distance between your place to Melbourne Airport will naturally lead to higher maxi cab fares. Make sure you check the distance so that you know whether the maxi cab service provider charging valid rates or not.


Melbourne is a hustling bustling city that is often jam-packed with heavy traffic. To make you reach on the fixed schedule the driver has to switch for the alternative routes that may take time, which can increase the maxi cab taxi prices.

Additional Charges

In Melbourne, many maxi cab service companies charge additional fees for toll tax, baby seats, parking, etc. which again increase your overall maxi cab fares.
Before reserving the maxi cab or taxi always ask about the additional fees if they are charging.

Type of Vehicle

The fares also depend upon the type of vehicle selected by the travelers. If they are looking for a luxury ride then it demands a deep pocket. On the other hand side, they can also go for compact vehicles for a budget-friendly travel experience.

Maxi Cab Service Provider

As we have previously mentioned, there are several maxi cabs and taxi companies that provide airport transfer services in Melbourne. Every service provider has unique policies and conditions to charge the fees. To save yourself from any kind of loss, it is often advisable to carefully inspect the maxi company before you hire them.

About Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport Fare Calculation | Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

Getting the estimated taxi fares from Melbourne Airport is a complicated deal because it depends upon several factors like time, distance, additional charges, the type of vehicle you select, and other aspects as we have already mentioned.
However, we have listed below some brief calculations of the maxi cabs that you can use to get an estimated idea about the fare:

Let’s dive in

If you are traveling from Melbourne Airport to Melbourne CBD, the maxi cab fares can be estimated between $72 – $75.
From Richmond to Melbourne Airport, a traveler needs to pay around $92. From Brighton to Melbourne Airport, the maxi cab charges can be approx. $110.

The riders have to pay the additional charges, if there is a request for the baby/child seat, which is estimated at $15.

The estimated charges for Melbourne Airport parking are $5 which can vary on the waiting time.

Additionally, the toll fee will also be charged, if applicable.

If you want to get detailed information about the maxi cab fares for airport transfers and other trips, then Visit our website Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport. Select the option” Taxi Fare Calculator”. A complete list of the rough estimates of the maxi cabs and other taxi trips in Melbourne will appear on your screen.

Why Choose Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is a prominent name in providing multiple-purpose transport services for individual travelers, large groups, and families. We have an extraordinary fleet of standard, premium, and maxi cabs that can easily accommodate 4-10 passengers in one go.
All our vehicles are mechanically inspected and disinfected before they leave the site and board the passengers, ensuring a secure and amazing ride.

Oh no! Plan change at the last moment! What to do now? Take a chill pill. You can talk to our friendly team and easily modify or cancel your booking with zero charges. Moreover, if you are landing late, our professional drivers will wait for 10 minutes at the airport and you don’t have to pay extra charges for it.

Relax! Dear Riders, because you don’t have to compromise your budget to enjoy a wonderful and comfortable travel experience with us.

Additionally, safe wheelchair-accessible taxis and baby seats are also available if there is any request for that.

If you are curious to know more about our services or want to book your vehicle, feel free to reach out to us. Below are the contact details:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport Fare Calculation

Q1: What are the estimated fares for booking a maxi cab from Melbourne Airport to Melbourne CBD?

Ans: The estimated fares for booking a maxi cab is approximately $72 – $75. Moreover, it may also vary on multiple factors like distance, time, type of vehicle, additional charges like the requirement of a baby seat, toll fees if applicable, and many more.

Q2: How can I book a maxi cab at Melbourne Airport?

Ans: To book your cab online at Melbourne Airport, visit the Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport. Fill out the details. Select your vehicle type and click on the send button. You can also book your vehicle, by giving us a call at +61 383 74 22 32 or sharing the details on the email id Our dedicated team is 24X7 available and ready to assist you.

Q3: Why you should book a maxi cab in advance?

Ans: Booking your maxi cab or taxi in advance not only helps to make you arrive at your destination timely but also gives you the chance to grab an offer and save money.

Q4: Does Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport charge additional fees for waiting?

Ans: If you are arriving late, our drivers will wait for you for 10 minutes without any extra fees. Waiting for more than 10 minutes leads to some amount of charges.

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