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Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport provides quality maxi cab service to Melbourne and Avalon airport. No matter how early or late you book, we strive to accommodate everyone. The best part of our service is we don’t charge waiting time because you’re late or flights are delayed.

When you need to book in for a pickup service you can do that through our booking form. This is the easiest and most effective way to book in and secure our services. All our taxis are clean and operate with one of our friendly staff.

We feel that by offering our services to the highest of standards you’ll arrive at the airport feeling relaxed. There can be nothing worse than getting stressed out by rushing your trip and arriving late to the airport. We take the time to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Therefore, you’ll arrive feeling good about your day.


At MaxiCab Melbourne Airport we provide a service that can take you from any point in Melbourne out to Tullamarine Airport. We know that your time is valuable and often you can be stressed about a long flight. When we arrive on site for a pickup, we do not charge you extra if you’re a little late in getting to the vehicle. We’ll call you when we arrive at the collection point and give you some extra time to get everything sorted out.

If you need a hand with your bags, we can assist with that because, we’re a full-service transport company. Our vehicles are kept in pristine condition. They’re serviced fully within the guidelines of the manufacturer.

If you tell us the departure time of your flight, we can suggest a suitable pickup time to make sure you get there with enough time to catch your flight. The travel time for any trip may vary because of traffic conditions and how busy the airport is at that time. As a taxi service we have special airport access and can meet you at certain areas at the terminals. This is perfect for collection and drop offs. It gets you closer to the departure gates than many other services and saves you from walking long distances!


Avalon Airport is Melbourne’s sister airport and not as busy as Tullamarine. We provide services that can take you to the departure terminals and pick you up from arrivals.

As Avalon is not as busy, but it can be hard to get transport from there. As not many taxi services operate in the area. We have found that by offering taxi services to both airports we are providing a more rounded experience to our customers.


Our drivers are fully trained in all aspects of providing exceptional service to our passengers. Once you try us out, we are sure that you’ll book in time and time again! Contact us here or call +61 3 8374 2232.

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