Maxi Cab Melbourne – Passenger Information

Travel Melbourne in style and complete your Melbourne experience with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport. We offer easier, cheaper and more comfortable trips around Melbourne and airports. Our Maxi Cab Taxis are an outstanding option for larger groups as they can carry up to 11 passengers. All Melbourne maxi vans are spacious and comfortable vehicles. Our service areas include Melbourne, Avalon Airport and Tullamarine Airport.

Call us now on +61 3 8374 2232 to book maxi cab in Melbourne.

Drivers of Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport firmly believes in providing an efficient and courteous service to the public. Our drivers and staff ensure that all our customers get the service they deserve. We provide reliable and economical transport services. Drivers at Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport are clean, well groomed and are good communicators. They are professionals with extensive knowledge of the Melbourne Metropolitan region, including popular hotels and tourist destinations.

Many of our vehicles are equipped with advanced satellite navigation systems. Therefore, if our drivers are not sure of the perfect route to get to your destination, we will use it; or alternatively, you can let us know of your preferred route.

We are happy to avoid any tolls if required. As toll roads are usually charged to the customer if we need to use them. However, these routes are often faster and will save you time and money on the overall trip. Generally, we will ask you if you want to avoid tolls or not. The decision is entirely up to you.

Bookings and Operating Hours of Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport operates in Melbourne 24/7 days a week. Our cabs can be pre-booked online or by telephone calling +61 8374 2232. Our friendly drivers will have a taxi at your doorstep shortly after your call.

By pre-booking one of our taxis you can be sure that we will be there when you need us. Although we have a large fleet available often, they are busy and often booked in advance. To make sure one of our experienced drivers and taxis are available to you, we recommend booking in advance.

Many flights are early in the morning and later in the evenings. We are here to provide our services to you, and that means being available when you need us. Our drivers need to strictly adhere to a break schedule, so they are alert and ready for driving when required.

Taxi Fare Estimator

All fares are calculated on the meter, and payments can be made using cash or card. However, card payments attract additional charges. The Maxi Cabs in our fleet are in excellent condition and fitted with the latest technology including GPS and EFTPOS terminals. We have provided the link to help you calculate the approximate cost of your travel.

Airport Transfers

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport serves both Avalon and Melbourne Airport. We offer a pleasant and cost-effective service straight from your door to the terminal or vice versa. Our drivers take you directly from the airport to your hotel, apartment or home. When completing airport pickups we’ll monitor your flight and call you once you’ve landed. Therefore, making sure that our driver is ready for the collection.

We have an exceptional reputation among the major hotels in Melbourne and can get you to their door with little hassle. As we specialise in delivering our customers to their hotels. We have built up a repertoire with many of the staff operating these hotels. We know them and the best routes to get you there in style and feeling relaxed about your business trip or holiday.

Taxi Service for Families

We understand that a family holiday means a load of extra suitcases which are often too much to fit in an average taxi. That’s no substitute for maxi cab as all our vehicles have plenty of space for your extra luggage. Our helpful drivers are always more than happy to go the extra mile for customers and provide them with the best service.

When transporting families, we know that by offering a premium service everyone will have their own space inside the vehicle, and you won’t feel cramped. Often one of the most stressful parts of any holiday is getting to and from the airport. We have taken steps to make sure that your travel is relaxing, this includes having larger vehicles in our fleet to accommodate more passengers.

Corporate Services

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport also offers business services and provides invoices for your record to track and control your employee transportation usage. We have spent years improving our services for our corporate passengers. We look forward to fulfilling your most taxi-related demands and in turn growing our and your business.

Taxis for Parcel Delivery

Our parcel delivery services are an easy alternative to couriers. Once the booking is made, we ensure to deliver your package to its destination ASAP. Book online or call now to book a parcel pickup on +61 3 8374 2232.

If your packages are important and you don’t want to wait for a courier service, we are able to deliver these to your door. Many times, a courier will not give your parcels the attention they deserve as they will be dealing with many parcels and the need to be faster. With us your packages will receive a premium service as we’ll treat them with the care and attention they deserve.

Lost Property

If you have arrived at your hotel and then discover something is missing, you’ll need to get in contact with us as soon as possible. Our drivers are very busy and often will not notice if something is left behind accidentally. We have the tools to track vehicles (all are fitted with GPS tracking) and can contact the drivers, where they will pull over immediately and search the vehicle for your missing items.

If you have lost something in one of our taxis, then contact us on +61 3 8374 2232 as soon as possible. We will help you find it.

The Maxi Cab Melbourne Fleet

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport has over 60 vehicles in the fleet which includes Maxi (Maxi 11-seater & Wheelchair Accessible Maxis), Station Wagons and Sedans. All our cabs are of the latest models, clean and well maintained. All our drivers ensure they keep vehicles in top condition all the time.

Our taxis are cleaned at least once every shift and our drivers take great pride in delivering vehicles that have high levels of hygiene and excellence.

Thank you for using our services, and we hope your experience travelling on Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport has been a great one.