Tips to Book a Maxi Taxi to Melbourne Airport

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Airports are one of the most stressful places, even for seasoned travellers. However, by following our useful tips to book a maxi taxi to Melbourne Airport, you can alleviate some of these dresses and have a more relaxing time.

The most convenient method is using a Maxi Taxi service to and from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine and Avalon). You’ll almost always find taxis waiting at the airport ready to take passengers. But, these taxis are only suited to taking 2-3 people! If you’re coming to Melbourne on holiday with the family, standard taxis are not the best option; you may end up needing two cars! With Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport, the airport taxi specialists, we can accommodate 11 people with room for your luggage.

There are many choices for your taxi service in Melbourne, and choosing the right one for your family (or business partners) is essential. This article will cover the most useful tips to book a maxi taxi to Melbourne Airport.

How to find the best Maxi Taxi service

Learning how to choose the right Maxi Taxi service means you can avoid having a bad experience. An easy way to check if the company you’re choosing is good at what they do is check their reviews. While no company can keep everyone happy, most reviews should showcase a positive experience.

If there are a few negative reviews, you can see how the company in question responded. Did they take responsibility and attempt to solve the issue? Or did they try to blame the person who made the complaint? Any business that regularly deals with people will get the occasional negative review. Still, how these are dealt with can show if the company truly cares about the customer experience.

Tips to book a maxi taxi to Melbourne Airport - person with boarding pass

At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we focus on providing our customers with the best experience possible. All our drivers are highly trained and can take you to any location in Melbourne. We put our customers first. We keep our customers comfortable and informed of the overall length of the trip.

A quality taxi company will offer a booking service through their website. Booking online for your maxi taxi means that you can complete this task at any time. For international travellers being able to book at any time means you won’t need to work out the time in Melbourne, and you can book whenever it is comfortable for you. If you are travelling to Melbourne, it is advisable to book in your Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport at least a day in advance. Booking your trip early will mean your taxi is secured for the day, and you won’t be disappointed.

Choosing a reliable and professional taxi service

One of the main tasks of a taxi company is to be on time and take you to where you need to go in the shortest amount of time. A good company is ready to collect you when you need it. The car (or van) should be clean and smell fresh. Hiring a professional driver is the best way to make sure you will get to your destination in the quickest time.

Rideshare services are becoming a popular option for many people, but it is near impossible to tell (with any reliability) what type of car you’ll be getting. Rideshare companies care very little about your overall experience, and there can be a vast difference between the drivers and what they can offer. You may find you have a driver of several years’ experience at offering a professional service, or you get someone that is ‘having a go’ and be unprofessional.

All the drivers with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport are thoroughly trained in driving techniques and customer service. We operate runs daily to both Melbourne Airports, and our team have a high level of knowledge on how the airport operates and the best drop off and collection locations.

Morning at Airport

Check the price and consider if they offer good value

The price of your trip to the airport is a major contributing factor. It is the last of our useful tips to book a maxi taxi to Melbourne Airport. Price and value can be challenging to work out. But, you can look at how much your trip costs and what services are being offered. If you travel by yourself without any luggage and have plenty of time available, you may prefer public transport. However,  with a large party and having several bags, then a maxi cab to Melbourne Airport is often the best choice.

Checking the price of your trip is easy when you can call our friendly team. Factors that may affect your fare include the time of day, toll roads, how many passengers are travelling, and how many collection points. At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we can collect passengers from a central location or at different points along the trip. Picking up passengers at different locations is a great option when travelling in a group. Going in the same car is best when you all need to arrive at the airport together to catch your flight.

Rewarding great service

If you have exceptional service from a maxi cab team, you should write a review and share with others your experience. At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we take pride in delivering our passengers an exceptional experience.

Your next trip from the airport will be perfect by following these tips to book a maxi taxi to Melbourne Airport. This means you’ll be happy with your choice of taxi service. Melbourne is a fantastic place to live or visit. You should always start your visit (or be welcomed home) with the best driving experience. Book with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport for the best experience getting to and from the airport in Melbourne.

Travel to the AFL

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If you’re planning a visit to Melbourne then going to the AFL should be on the cards. Luckily, travel to the AFL is surprisingly easy. There is a unique atmosphere around the game and with crowds in excess of 40,000 you’ll find that being there is simply more than just watching a game. There are games being played during most weekends in Melbourne during the winter months. Games are held during the day and night. While it is a national sport, you’ll find that in Melbourne, AFL is life for many people. They simply love the game and are quite passionate about their teams.

While the games are quite accessible to many people, due to the high attendance rate it can be challenging to pick the best method to get there, especially if you’re not sure how the local public transport system works; there can be nothing worse than missing a stop and trying to figure out what went wrong! In this article we’ll cover the best ways to travel to the AFL and get there on time ready for the first siren, an estimate for how long getting there will take, what you can and can’t take to a game.

How do you travel to the AFL?

When you’re looking to travel to the AFL, there are a few different options. You can walk, catch public transport, drive yourself, or book a taxi. If you’re staying in the city it is possible to walk to the MCG or Marvel Stadium as these are reasonably close to most major hotels. However, if you’re not that familiar with the city layout it can be quite intimidating and it is possible to get lost. Melbourne is considered a very safe city so there probably won’t be any problems if you choose to walk. If travel to the AFL is on the cards make sure you have a good set of updated maps in your phone. This will help you to check the total distance you’ll be walking.

For most people in Melbourne a great option is using the public transport system. On game days they generally put on extra trains to cater for the thousands of people looking to get to the game and then back home when it has finished. While getting there the crowds are often scattered, on the way home there can be a little bit of a crush due to the crowd, and occasionally you may find people are intoxicated. If you’re not that used to the public transport system it can be very easy to get on the wrong train or miss the stop on the way there; however usually you can simply follow the people that are dressed up for the game to make it easier to find your way.

MCG from above

Driving to the AFL

While it is possible to drive to the game, there are some very limited parking options at the stadiums. You may find it best to choose a good parking garage that is nearby and then walk the rest of the way. This is okay if you are happy to walk a little bit; but make sure you take some money for parking. You can expect to pay $5-$10 per hour depending on how close you are to the stadium (a game will last 3-4 hours).

Travel to the AFL in a taxi is the most convenient method for getting you directly to the stadium. They will get you within the closest distance and that can limit the amount of walking (with public transport you’ll still need to walk over half a kilometre). When you use a Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, you’ll be able to transport up to 11 people and still have room for any luggage. One of our Maxi Cab operators can meet you at your hotel or home. Then they’ll take you directly to the stadium on time for the kick-off. We can then meet you outside the venue at a predetermined time; or you may prefer to go out to dinner afterwards. We’ll meet you wherever it is most convenient.

How long does it take to get to the AFL?

The exact time that your travel to the AFL will take can depend on your starting location. If you are walking from a city location, you can expect the walk to take about thirty minutes if you start at Bourke Street Mall (generally considered to be the heart of the city). Public transport can take around an hour for any of the outer suburbs; with a fifteen minute walk when you get off the train. If you have the chance to take a tram. This may be the better public transport option as it can drop you off a little closer.

Our Maxi Cab can get quite close and drop you off at a time that fits with your schedule. When thinking about your travel to the AFL consider what is most convenient for you. Generally, there are several options and pros and cons with all of them. A Maxi Cab is the most convenient option for many people as you can create your own schedule. It can be customized to what you plan to do before the game and after. If you’re planning on drinking alcohol at the game you won’t need to be concerned about driving; or spending time figuring out how to get back home or to your hotel.

What can I take when I travel to the AFL?

When it comes to travel to the AFL there are some things that you cannot take with you. The majority of these restrictions are for the protection of other visitors and players. They are designed so that everyone shares in the same great experience. Most items are general common sense and include things such as fireworks, alcohol; basically anything that is considered to be a weapon. But you also cannot take any glass or canned drinks, pets (other than assistance animals), or musical instruments. Commercial video equipement and cameras are also banned. It is also considered unsuitable to open an umbrella if it obscures the vision of another patron. For a complete list of anything you should not take to the AFL you can check their website.

Book a Maxi Cab to the AFL

At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, you can book in easily for your travel to the AFL. All this can be done through our website in a few minutes. Alternatively, you can call one of our team members on 03 8374 2232 and we’ll book you in. All our drivers are fully qualified and skilled at getting people to the stadiums on time and in comfort.

Travel Tips for Moomba Festival 2021

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Moomba Festival 2021 is one of the most celebrated events in Melbourne. It is a family friendly event, but can accommodate people of all ages, and is the largest free festival in all of Australia. If you are travelling to Melbourne, or a resident, then heading to Moomba should be something on your calendar.

Getting into Moomba is free, but you may want to have some cash put aside for travel, accommodation, food, and any rides that you wish to go on. The event lasts for four days and is usually held in conjunction with the Victorian public holiday of Labour Day. It is best to arrive into Melbourne on Thursday as it’ll give you some time to settle in and prepare for the event. You can check out the Moomba program to uncover what you really want to see, but many people find that simply walking through the event area is more than enough. The gates to Moomba Festival 2021 open at 5pm on Friday 5th or March. As this year the program is slightly modified (COVID-19 strikes again!), it’s a requirement that you register for a three hour stay at any of the Alexandria Gardens events.

What is the Moomba Festival?

The Moomba Festival had its beginnings in 1951 with an event to celebrate fifty years of federation. It started as a parade and included a staged theatre production titled “An Aboriginal Moomba: Out of the Dark”. However, it was in 1954 that an autumn carnival was proposed to coincide with a visit from the Queen (which was her first to Melbourne), it was this festival that was first titled as “Moomba”.

The word Moomba is actually a little bit of a miscommunication with event organisers believing it means ‘Let’s get together and have fun’, but it has been found that this was not the case, and rather the name was suggested as a bit of a joke on the organisers. But anyway, Melbournians know the festival well, and for them it does mean to have a good time with your family.

Festival Side Shows - Laughing Clowns

What can I do at Moomba Festival 2021?

The Moomba Festival 2021 is an altered program over the usual Moomba event (it has been dubbed as Moomba 2.0) as it has to contend with restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. This unfortunately means that some of the popular events cannot be held. Although there were fears that the festival was not going to be held at all, especially with the outbreak that saw most of Melbourne in lockdown for several months. The events that are not going ahead include, the Birdman Rally, the Moomba Parade, and the nightly Fireworks; this is due to the fact that these events draw large crowds where it can be difficult to monitor and socially distance properly.

One of the better things about the Moomba Festival 2021 is that for the first time the event will be scattered throughout the city, so there is more to see and do. Our favourite would have to be checking out some of the excellent busking that is happening at various locations. There are events spread from Alexandra Gardens all the way to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, we’d highly recommend checking out some of the local busking talent as you walk through the area.

A large part of Moomba Festival 2021 is all the carnival rides and side show games. These are usually set up along the Yarra River. Many of the rides are child friendly, and there’s always something for the thrill seeker. While you at it you can have try to win at the carnival style side show games. Some of the games include the laughing clowns, balloon darts, duck pond, and the milk can toss. You are sure to find something to show of your talents, and have a bit of fun!

What is there to eat at Moomba?

In Melbourne you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to food options. There is a restaurant, takeaway venue, or food truck that can serve all sorts of meals. Many of these are suitable for all dietary requirements. It’s a good idea to book in for a table if you’re looking to eat at a sit-down restaurant. Moomba Festival 2021 is likely going to see many places full to (their limited) capacity.

How to get to Moomba Festival?

Melbourne has many public transport options, including busses, trains, and the largest tram network in Australia. If you are staying at a hotel in the city it is possible to walk to the festival location. Melbourne is a very safe city you should have no trouble getting there and back. However, as the city is large and quite hilly in some areas it can be easy to lose track of where you are staying. The public transport system is fairly reliable; although it does not usually operate past midnight (there maybe be some operating during the event).

Melbourne Skyline

What is the best option for transport to Moomba?

For the best in transportation around Melbourne you can rely on the services as offered by Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport. If you’re flying into Melbourne, we can take you from the airport directly to your hotel; then later take you to Moomba Festival 2021 and return once you’re finished. You can book in for our services through the form on our website, or you can call our team directly on 03 8374 2232. As Moomba is a large event that attracts over a million visitors it’s best to book in early.

Using a Maxi Cab to get you around the city of Melbourne can be the cheapest and easiest transport option. We can fit up to eleven people including luggage into our vans and that means you’ll save money on travel. This is especially true if you are travelling from, or to, any of Melbourne’s airports. For residents living in Melbourne, you can call on our team to pick you up from your home. Then when you’re ready, arrange to meet our team members at a location that is best for you. This can limit your walking time and maximize the time you can spend at Moomba 2021.

Enjoy your Moomba Festival Melbourne visit!

Moomba Festival 2021 is going to be a slightly different event to what the previous years were. However, we’re sure that it’ll be a huge success; especially as it has proven to be such a winning event with all Melbournians and visitors. You can visit one day, or all four, as there is plenty to see and do. We know it will be a memorable event for all involved!


The Best Reasons for Booking Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport

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There are many options for airport transfers for people coming into Melbourne. If you’re looking for a service that gives you the best options in transport, you’ll need to book a Maxi Taxi at Melbourne Airport. With some of the other options available, you’re required to be at a certain location at a certain time; if you don’t know your way around Melbourne Airport this can add extra stress to your day! In this short article, we’ll discuss the reasons that we feel Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is the most suitable way to travel from (or to!) Melbourne’s busiest airport.

Booking Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport to arrive safely at your destination

Regardless of how far you’re flying, all plane travel can be exhausting. The last thing you need is problems with your transport from the airport to your hotel (or residence). By securing the services of a professional team, you can chillout and relax in the maxi cab. With seating for up to eleven (11) people you can either stretch out and relax, or travel as a group. If you’re travelling in a large group, you’ll all arrive on time at your destination. No more will you need to take separate vehicles and then wait around waiting for the other party members to arrive.

When you book a maxi taxi Melbourne Airport, you’re engaging in the services of a professional team. As our team regularly travels from the city to the airport, we know the best routes to get you to your Melbourne destination faster. This relates to a reduced taxi charge, or a faster drop off time than many other airport transfer options. You can book in with our team ahead of your flights and this will secure our services for the day of your arrival.

St Kilda Pier at Dusk - Melbourne Tourism

Ease of access to Melbourne’s best tourist spots

If you’re visiting Melbourne for business or a holiday, there will be times that you want to see some of the best that Melbourne has to offer. There are many different public transport options, but many visitors find it confusing and hard to negotiate. When you book a Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport, we can take you to anywhere in Melbourne city. Even though we specialise in airport transfers, our team is highly qualified for all other travel, and can take you to tourist spots, or to and from special events.

Melbourne is widely known as the most liveable city in Australia. It has a huge art culture, and has many different events happening all year round. There are major events such as the Australian Open, Australian Moto Grand Prix, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, and the Melbourne Cup; in fact, there is usually something special happening every weekend. At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we can let you know about events that are happening and what you may like to visit, and then book you in so you can be dropped off and picked up at a certain time. This reduces all need to worry about your transfer to and from an event, and you can focus on having a great time.

Less worry about getting around Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city (and is predicted to become the largest in a few years). With an estimated population of nearly 5 (five) million people it can be a confusing place to get a round. If you travel within the city block it is possible to walk around, but the city centre is reasonably hilly and if you do not know your way around it can quickly become problematic. The city centre is grid based, but as there are many different alleyways, trams, and unusual traffic conditions (including the dreaded ‘hook turns’) it can prove challenging to navigate by foot.

At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we are specialists at providing services to tourists and other visitors in getting around the city centre, and beyond! You can talk with our expert team and they can let you know the approximate costs for city travel when you book a maxi taxi at Melbourne Airport. If you have your itinerary sorted out you can book in for all your transfers in one go, this will secure the services of one of our drivers. That means you’ll get to know your driver and be happy that all your dealings are consistent and professional.

Return transfer to Airport all in one booking

Booking a maxi taxi Melbourne Airport is easy through our website. You can enter in your details of where and when you’d like to secure our services and then we’ll contact you to confirm the booking. At this time, you may prefer to book in for your return travel. By going with the same company, you can be sure of getting excellent service. We have delivered many people to the airport successfully and have the reviews to back up our claims of being excellent at what we do.

All of the drivers we employ are specialists, and they are selected for their exceptional customer service skills, along with their driving abilities. We thrive on providing the best experience for our clients. We want your time in Melbourne to be memorable as we enjoy showing off the city that we live and work in. All of the services offered by Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport are designed to keep our clients feeling safe and happy.

Getting to Melbourne Airport on time

As with all travel to Melbourne Airport, you want to arrive on time for your flights. Being late is not an option for all airlines, we know the best routes to get you there on time, and will suggest an earlier booking if we feel that you may arrive a little too late to get your flights. This takes the pressure off you to make sure you calculate your transport and arrival times accurately.

There can be many reasons for delay in getting out to the airport, with the mains ones being road works, and peak hour traffic conditions. For example, in the afternoon it may be advisable to add an extra hour to your transfer time, based on the actual collection address. For an accurate travel time you can call our team and they can suggest a suitable time for your departure to the airport.

Most useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi when travelling in Melbourne

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   Useful Ideas for Maxi taxi When travelling in Melbourne

If you’re new in Melbourne, then getting around can cause some headaches. While the city has a reasonably good public transport system, it can still be hard to navigate. With buses, trains, and trams, which do you catch and what is best for seeing the sights of the city? In this article we’ll take you through some of the best spots in Melbourne and why hiring the services of a maxi taxi is the most convenient option for travellers. Feel free to read through and uncover the most useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi service in Melbourne.

Travelling Around Melbourne City

If you’re only moving around the city, trams are an excellent option. There is a free tram line that can get you from your hotel to many different places in the city. If you are into freeform travel and interested in simply exploring what the city has to offer then using this service is often easiest. While you don’t need a MYKI card for the trams, it may be a good option to get one just in case you find yourself missing one of the last stops in the free zone. For a map of where you can go using the free tram service you can use this map.

This service can take you to some of the most common tourist spots in the city. Knowing exactly where to get off for your destination can take some time to learn. Transport maps are often confusing and difficult to read. There is a government app provided by the Victorian government, but again it can take some time to become fully familiar with how it works, you can download this from Apple & Android. We suggest giving the app a go, especially if you want to make use of the free tram network.

Travelling from Melbourne Airport

The most useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne are travelling to and from the major airports in Melbourne. Currently Melbourne has no public transport available that will get you from the airports to the city. While there are plans in the works, we’re not holding our breath as there have been talks about building a train line and other services since it was built. You can call on Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport to collect you and drop you off at your hotel or other residences (Melbourne has a large selection of home stays available through Airbnb).

Although there are other options in getting to Melbourne airport, having a maxi taxi cabs take you from point A to point B is the most direct and comfortable. You’ll have the chance to talk to your driver and they can tell you some interesting sights that you may want to see; or if you prefer you can ride in silence and simply enjoy seeing the city from the comfort of one of our maxi taxi cabs.

Other useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi

Once you head out from the city getting public transport can be a little more difficult. This is especially true because most of the lines are functional for residents. Usually trains and trams lead into residential areas. Generally, suburbs are not suitable for tourists; unless you’re interested in seeing how local people live and what general shopping options are available.

There is a free shuttle service that can take you directly to Chadstone shopping complex, but if you’re intending on spending the day and have a lot of shopping to bring back to where you’re staying you may need the assistance of one of our premium Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport vehicles.

The collection of passengers for shopping travel is another of our most useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi. We can show you around some very different places where having access to a service that allows for a large group to travel and still have room for bags and shopping is excellent. You can ask one of our team to collect you from any location, and at any time. We’ll fit in with your shopping plans and you can use our services to hop on and off all over Melbourne.

Finding your way to tourist spots in Melbourne

Melbourne (and the rest of Victoria) has many different tourist spots and often the best way to get to these is via a through the services offered by Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, especially if you’re travelling in a group. As we continue discussing useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi, taking note of the special tourist locations around the city is an excellent way to plan out your stay.

Melbourne has some of the most amazing beaches that are suitable for people with families. If you head down to the Morning Peninsula area you can enjoy some shallow beaches that are perfect for young children. You can also find many surf beaches, if that is more to your tastes, these include Gunnamatta Beach, and the world-famous Bells Beach at Torquay.

You can use a Maxi Taxi to reach all of these destinations and more. For a full list of useful ideas for a Maxi Taxi, you can book in with one of our expert drivers and they can make some suggestions for any sights you’d like to see in Melbourne. We can be contracted to take you around to many different locations, and be called upon to pick you up at a certain time and take you back to your hotel. While you’re on holidays, hiring the Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport service is an excellent way to make sure you are taken care of and reduce your worry about getting around. You can book in advance at any time through our website or by calling us on +61 3 8374 2232.

Get the best drivers with Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport

When you book in with our team you are securing the services of a professional driving team. We are very knowledgeable in all things around Melbourne. If you know where you want to go you can secure our services for any day. By hiring the one driver to take you around means that you get to know your driver. This makes it easier to know where you’re going and who will be picking you up and from where. You can contact us at any time through our website or by calling our team directly.

Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport

Travel To The Airport In Taxis

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                  Travel To The Airport In Melbourne Taxis


You been eagerly waiting for the day to arrive when you can finally take that long-awaited holiday. The suitcases are packed, you have your tickets and passports, and now all you need to do is sort out how you are going to get to the airport. Have no fear – Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is here for you. You may have a few different options at your fingertips, but the advantages of booking a cab with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport far outweigh the costs.

Why don’t we take a look at the benefits of booking with Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport when you require an airport transfer?


 Our Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport taxis are cleaned frequently and sanitised after each passenger is dropped off at their destination. Being highly conscious of sanitation, particularly during this time, is something we take seriously. You cannot guarantee such cleanliness on public transport, not to mention maintaining safe social distancing from strangers.

Maximum safety

 All of our taxis are installed with 24-hour security cameras to ensure the safety of both our passengers and drivers. Be rest assured that you will arrive safely at the airport or destination of your choice.

Professional and friendly drivers

 It is Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport’s motto to be efficient and courteous towards its clients. We firmly believe in giving all passengers the service they deserve. Gone are the days when you sat in a grubby taxi with an ungroomed driver. Our experienced drivers are second to none when it comes to cleanliness and professionalism. Not only well-groomed and hospitable, our drivers have outstanding knowledge of Melbourne and Melbourne Airport.

Before they get behind the wheel, our drivers are vetted with police checks and we ensure we employ only the most professional and highly experienced of drivers.

The price you can afford

 While you might be hesitant to take a maxi cab to Melbourne Airport, and consider it cheaper to travel on public transport, think again. Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is one of the most affordable and convenient forms of transport.

For example, say you are travelling with a large family and lots of luggage. That will cost you quite a bit in public transport fees. And on top of that, consider the amount of shifting and loading of luggage you will be doing possibly from a bus to a train to another bus. That is a lot of luggage handling. Travel in a maxi taxi and our drivers will assist so that you barely have to lift a finger

Plus, public transport can be jam-packed. Opt for the comfort of one of our spacious maxi cabs and travel in style from your doorstep to the airport terminal doors.

And book a maxi cab when you need to get home from Melbourne Airport too. No need to look for a bus terminal or wait in a long queue for a taxi. One of our friendly drivers will be waiting to help you with your luggage so they can escort you to their maxi cab and transport you in comfort to your destination.

Our fares are calculated on the meter and we accept all cards for payment including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Cabcharge and Motorpass. And if you would like an estimate check out our taxi fare calculator.

We guarantee that our prices are very cost-effective in comparison to those of our competitors’.

Accommodate babies and children

 If you have babies or young children it is inevitable you will want to keep your family safe travelling to and from the airport. And Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport can accommodate children of any age. We have a number of baby seats depending on your child’s age. Just let us know that you would like a baby seat when you book with us. Our drivers are trained to install car seats securely. All vehicles come fitted with support anchorage points for car seats.

Round the clock service

 So that we can be there for all people travelling to and from Melbourne Airport at any time of the day or night, Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is available 24/7. Just remember to pre-book by contacting us on 03 8374 2232,, or online. So, even if your flight gets in at 1am, we will have a friendly driver waiting to help you with your luggage and take you to your destination.


 If you opt for public transport to take you to the airport you will most likely need to travel on a bus, train and another bus. Not only will you be subjected to hauling your luggage from one form of transport to another, but you might also find yourself in lengthy queues or experiencing delays. And the last thing you want is to miss your flight.

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport will always be on time to meet you whether you are travelling to or from the airport. Take the stress-free option and book with us.

Saves time

 One of our friendly drivers will arrive on your doorstep to transport you to the airport at your preferred time. Save yourself the hassle of leaving the house hours in advance to battle public transport with heavy luggage.

Travel in the comfort of our spacious and pristine cars knowing we will get you to the airport on time, and start your trip with a smile on your face.

In a class of its own

 Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is in a class of its own. We will have you travelling in style in our most up-to-date maxi taxis. Our drivers are well-groomed, good communicators and reliable. Go with a name you can trust 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get you to and from the airport.

How to Book a maxi taxi to melbourne airport

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How to Book a Maxi Taxi to Melbourne Airport?

In Melbourne getting from the city to the airport can be a challenge, and without public transport available, what is the best way to book a maxi taxi to Melbourne Airport? There are in fact many services that operate that route, but choosing the best one for you can indeed be problematic. Anyone can drive a car, but only a true professional can offer you a service that is beyond that of any other. At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we specialise in getting business people and tourists to either of Melbourne’s airports on time to catch their flights, or from the airport to their hotel or residence.

In our years of operations, we have learnt the skills to get all of our clients to Melbourne Airport in the most efficient manner. By picking our customers up at specific points in the city, at their hotels, or from any address in Melbourne we can be there when you need our service the most.

What You Need from A Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Service

When looking for that perfect reputable service from a maxi cab taxi to Melbourne Airport you’ll need them to be on time and ready when you are. Booking in early when you need to catch a cab to the airport is the best way to secure your trip and guarantee that you do not miss your flights. Airports are notorious for closing their doors to a flight at a certain time, this can be 45 minutes before departure for domestic and 60 minutes for international flights (although for an exact time we’d strongly recommend checking with your flight provider).

While being on time to collect you and your team is great, you also want to enjoy the trip. Consider the cleanliness of the vehicle. When taking a maxi cab taxi to Melbourne airport, you’re going to be riding in the vehicle for around thirty (30) to forty-five (45) minutes, this can be a long and uncomfortable ride if the car is not that clean. Finding a taxi service that maintains their vehicles to the highest of standards is going to make your journey more enjoyable and keep you relaxed.

We all know that once you’re on the plane you’re going to be squished into that metal tube for at least a few hours, wouldn’t you rather start that journey feeling relaxed as possible? We know we would and that’s why at Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we have selected our vehicles for their smooth riding and occupant capacity. Many taxi companies pick their vehicles solely on how many people they can fit inside, we have found that this is not what our customers enjoy, but rather they’d like to chill and unwind getting ready for what is ahead of them.

How to Hire a Reliable Taxi Service

Hiring a reliable service that has been around for many years can give you peace of mind that you’ll be looked after in the best way. In general, any chauffeured car hire business (or taxi company) that provides a maxi taxi to Melbourne Airport is going to rely on repeat business. The longer your taxi service has been in business, usually the better their services are.

We live in an age when you can find out a lot about how a service has treated their customers, performing a simple online check of reviews can tell you a lot about a company and how they operate. While all companies will get the occasional bad review, especially in a service industry, usually the majority are correct. When looking at reviews a good indication for true service is how that company handles a bad review. Did they try to make it better, or did they try to blame the customer for their own opinion? The way someone handles reviews is usually an excellent tell for their service standards.

What Is the Best Way to Book A Maxi Cab Taxi to Melbourne Airport?

Hiring a maxi taxi to Melbourne Airport should be easy, when a company has a few different options to book it can make the whole process simple. For example, at Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport you can book by calling us directly on +61 3 8374 2232 and one of our friendly staff will take your booking. or you can book us online by visiting our website. They’ll get all the information needed to get your taxi service secured, they’ll offer the most suitable pick up time that is based on your flight departure and consider traffic conditions in the area to get you there on time.

However, there are times when you may not want to speak to a customer service representative, in that case you can use our website to book online. We have simplified this process and we’ll leave the pickup time to you – just remember that for evening flights you may need extra time to get there as Melbourne traffic can be quite busy.

The best thing about choosing a service that has multiple ways to book you in is if one isn’t working properly you can rely on the other. You might be booking online and the WIFI goes out, well then you can call the service number and still get yourself organized to catch your flight on time. A good service is all about looking after their customers and making them as comfortable as possible during the entire process.

Where Should I Meet My Maxi Cab Taxi?

In the old times a taxi driver would sit out on the curb and honk the horn, acting as if they were the most important thing in the world! Thankfully we have moved beyond that!

A high-quality taxi service will call you on the phone number you provide and ask if you need any assistance and to let you know that they have arrived. One of the main customer service goals of Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is to arrive a little early and be patient as people get their things together. We are not in the business of rushing you, as it is our wish for you to arrive at the airport, or to your hotel, relaxed and ready for whatever comes next.

At Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport, we are all about the journey, we want all of our customers to enjoy their time in our vehicles and we’ll make every accommodation to see that they are happy. You can book in directly on +61 3 8374 2232 or via our online booking portal.

Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport

maxi taxi in melbourne

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      The Benefits Of Using Maxi Taxi Melbourne


You have your passport, visa, money and suitcases ready, but did you remember the final most important detail? How you are getting to the airport? There’s no need to panic. Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is here to help. The best maxi taxi in the industry, Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport will transport you from your home to the airport while you just sit back and relax, or chatter excitedly about your travel plans.

And that is not all we do. Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport will accommodate your travel arrangements in multiple ways. Read on for the benefits of using Maxi & Taxi .

Safe and easy trip to and from the Melbourne & Avalon Airport

 As our name suggests, we can take you to and from both Melbourne and Avalon Airports. We will not charge a waiting time if your flight is delayed, and it does not matter how early or late you book. We want to accommodate everyone as best we can.

So, as soon as you step out of Arrivals, you will see one of our Maxi Taxi Avalon Airport drivers waiting at the gate to take you home or wherever you wish to go. Pre-book with us and you will not have to wait in long queues for a taxi or shuttle bus. We will help you with your luggage and direct you to our maxi cab taxi.

And if you are travelling to the airport from home or your hotel, ditch the queues and shuttle bus timetables, squeeze in some nap-time or extra sight-seeing and then relax in a Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne.

Transporting lots of luggage

 If you are on a family holiday, you will no doubt be taking a lot of luggage with you. And what better a way to transport it to the airport with you than travelling with Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Airport. We know lots of large suitcases are not going to fit in your average sized taxi, so this is where our maxi taxi luggage capacity comes in very handy. We want to go that extra mile to make you feel comfortable on your journey so you will have all that extra space for your luggage.

Group trips

 Are you on a night out with your mates and worried about how you will get home? There is no need to stress about splitting your group up into three or four cabs. Our maxi cab taxis will take up to 11 people. Travelling together will give you peace of mind that everyone arrives home safely. Spacious and comfortable, Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne is the perfect option for a big group or large family. Our customers are our number one priority.

Holiday and business trips

 If you are holidaying in Melbourne the last thing you want to do is get around Melbourne on public transport, battling the trams and buses. Book a maxi taxi and take in Melbourne’s scenery while leaving the driving up to one of our professional drivers who are highly skilled dealing with Melbourne’s trams and traffic as well as locations.

The same goes for corporate travellers. You do not want to start navigating the streets of Melbourne if you need to prepare for a meeting. Book a maxi taxi, sit back and get ready for the meeting in the comfort and safety of a Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Airport.


Wheelchair Taxi access

Our maxi taxis are fitted with a hoist and lift so they can easily accommodate up to two wheelchairs. Our dedicated drivers are caring and respectful and experienced providing a personal service to people with disabilities. As they care about getting all clients to their destinations safely, our drivers are trained in wheelchair taxi Melbourne services.

Professional, safe and friendly drivers

 Maxi cab Taxi Melbourne Airport lives by its motto of being efficient and courteous to its clients. We firmly believe in giving you the service you deserve. Not only clean, well-groomed and good communicators, our drivers have excellent knowledge of the Melbourne metropolitan region, CBD, airports and hotels.

Before our drivers can get out on the road, they are vetted with police checks to ensure your utmost safety. We employ only the most professional, highly experienced and safe drivers. Plus, all of our cars have the added benefit of 24-hour security cameras, so you know that wherever you are headed to you will arrive safely.

Available 24/7

 To guarantee your maximum safety, our maxi cabs are available every hour of every day. So, if you walk out of a bar or club alone, you can be sure that your pre-booked maxi taxi is waiting for you. Just remember to pre-book by contacting us on 03 8374 2232 or, or even online and we will send out a car to meet you shortly after. We will keep you safe all the way from pickup to your front door. Whether you are out alone at 1am or carrying lots of shopping on a scorching summer afternoon, there is never a need to feel helpless or stranded. Contact us and we will be there for you.

Costs and quotes

 Our fares are calculated on the meter and our cabs are installed with the latest GPS and EFTPOS technology. And we accept all cards for payment including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Cabcharge and Motorpass. If you would like an approximate cost just click on the link below for an estimate:

Or, go to our Home Page for a maxi taxi quote, fill in the details and we will contact you with your quote. Alternatively, give us a call on 03 8374 2232 or email at

We guarantee that our prices very cost-effective and economical in comparison to our competitors’.

Large fleet of cabs

 Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Airport has over 60 vehicles in its fleet. This includes maxi taxis (with 11 seats and wheelchair access), station wagons and sedans. All our vehicles are the latest models, well-maintained and clean, and our drivers ensure their cabs are kept in prime condition for your comfort.

Different from the rest

 Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Airport is different from our competitors. We will have you travelling in style in our up-to-date, immaculate cabs. Our drivers are well-groomed, good communicators, friendly and reliable. We are a name you can trust 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a very reasonable cost.

Secure your maxi taxi booking before your next trip with us and travel in style and comfort.



Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport

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Thousands of people arrive in Melbourne every day, and it becomes important to book your airport transportation service. Maxi Taxis provides the best airport transfers in Melbourne. By booking with us you can be sure that you’ll arrive in style and comfort. Many people come to Melbourne for food, scenic beauty and for personal reasons. This can include a tour of the city of Melbourne or a holiday. Most of the people come with their family, friends, or loved ones. One of the reasons why people love  Melbourne as a tourist destination is the ease of available service of taxis.

Arriving in Melbourne

When coming to Melbourne for a city tour, travellers find cab services as one of the comfortable methods of going around the city. This is also because other public transportation services like buses, trams and trains are not scheduled according to your comfort and your travel timings. Usually, public transport is also overcrowded, and you won’t be able to enjoy your tour as you will be tired of running after buses and trains. But Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport Service only offers you a hassle-free travel, which enables you to travel in comfort, style and relaxing experience with our experienced and knowledgeable taxi driver.

Why you should choose taxi Services for travel?

      While you are travelling, you visit tourist destinations frequently and hence require transportation services, that’s why maxi taxi service offers 24 x7 x365 days taxi services. Booking our Taxis is very easy and convenient, and we take you to your destination to and from Melbourne Airport.

 Affordable pricing

Travelling around the city can be expensive and can often ruin your trip. But with the lower costs of the maxi taxi service, a lot of people are attracted to go to the city or around melbourne at an affordable price. We provide the most affordable and comfortable form of transport service in Melbourne. Please visit our fare Calculator to get estimate.

Relaxed and Comfortable services

Public transport can be a bit annoying when it is over-crowded, or you can’t find the transportation that matches your schedule. You may not be able to relax when you can’t find a place to sit. But Taxi services are very flexible and comfortable. Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport service is available anytime and you can travel to Melbourne wherever you want in your own comfort.

 Saves your precious Time

The taxi arrives 5 minutes before the required time. This means you don’t have to wait for hours for the train or bus to arrive or walk to a place to wait for the bus. Taxi services offer services which make your holiday, trip or tour more relaxed. It offers a comfortable, flexible, and relaxed environment for you to enjoy your holiday. Not only this, but taxi drivers are professional and experienced persons. This means you don’t have to spend your precious time looking for confusing and different routes.

Maxi Taxis Service promises to:

  • Providing the best Taxi rates in Melbourne
  • Our Maxi Cabs are neat and clean.
  • Best and accurate routes.
  • Well-secured and takes care of passenger safety.
  • Baby Seats and Wheelchair support Available
  • Reaches at the pickup point 5 minutes before the required time.
  • Pre-booking available for Maxi taxi Melbourne airport

Still, confused? Get in touch with us and book online or call us on +61 3 8374 2232 today!


Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport

How to Book Wheelchair Taxi to Melbourne Airport

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 How to Book  Wheelchair Taxi to Melbourne Airport

Booking a wheelchair enabled taxi to get to Melbourne airport can be a frustrating event, and at Maxi Taxi Melbourne, we get it. You can book in using our online booking system, or you can call through to get your taxi secured on the dates that you need it for. Our aim is to provide the highest level of service possible, and a huge part of this is making sure our customers get to their destination safely and securely.

In our fleet of over 40 vehicles we have fitted many of them to be suitable to wheelchair passengers. If you want to ride in style and get to your flight on time, you can book in with us and we’ll get you there. Our drivers are educated on the best routes to both of Melbourne’s airports (and all the minor ones). With our online booking system, we’ll always arrive early so you’ll never miss an appointment or your flight.

Our fleet consists of a variety of vehicles and we have found that by offering services to help our wheelchair passengers. We know that it can be difficult and with our fleet operating in Melbourne every day we are on the road more often than most.

Why You Should Book Your Taxi Early

Booking your Wheelchair Enabled Maxi Taxi in early allows us to organize our fleet to meet demand. While we have taxis available every day, if there are no passengers who need a wheelchair taxi, we will send it out to service other customers. By booking in early it’s guaranteed that one will be available.

We have booking forms available on our website, and we encourage all of our customers to book through this method. We can pick you up from any location and by using the fee calculator you’re able to see the approximate cost of the trip.

If you’re traveling with other passengers, we’d recommend that you meet in an area that most people can get to and this can save on your fare. We have found that most people will use the city as a communal meeting point, as it is usually very easy to get there.

If you’re not able to meet your friends in the city, we can pick you up at your address and make a short stop to pick others up on the way, if that is suitable. All you need to do is let us know about what you’d like us to do and we can get it sorted out. There’s no penalty for making an extra stop as you’re paying for time and distance, so if the stop is on the way it will not cost you anything extra.

Booking for Arrivals into Melbourne

If you’re arriving in Melbourne on a specific date, you can still book in with us. You’ll need to nominate a drop off point when you book. If you’re not sure about your destination, most people will choose a spot in the city, and then when you know that address you can either email us, or let the driver know.

Although most of the routes are planned in advance, our drivers are skilled in their knowledge of Melbourne and the suburbs, if they need to, they’ll use onboard GPS units for the finer details. As Melbourne has some toll roads, it is up to you if you’d like us to use them and we’ll avoid these roads.

When you book in for collections from one of Melbourne major airports, we will give you a pickup location. We’ll monitor the flights if they’re delayed, but we usually recommend that you book in your taxi service at least an hour after the flight has been scheduled to land (two hours for international flights). This way it gives you enough time to collect your baggage and make your way to the taxi pickup areas.

How to Arrive at The Airport in Style

Arriving at the airport for your flight can be quite stressful, if the traffic is busy it can take a little more time than expected. With our system we can calculate the time it will take based on the day that you are planning to leave. But, as a general guide, if your flight is scheduled to leave in the evening you may encounter peak hour traffic as everyone is going home from the city. Therefore, you may need to add in a half hour to forty-five minutes to your travel time, if you’re traveling from the city to the airport (either Tullamarine or Avalon).

When you book in with us, we can drop you off very close to the departure lounges. This can actually save you plenty of time and is especially handy if you’re meeting other people at the airport as they know where you’ll be. If you drive yourself in it can add extra costs as you’ll either need to pay for parking close to the airport in long term car parking, or park further away and catch a secondary bus to drop you off. All of which can be less than ideal if you need it to be wheelchair accessible.

Why You Should Book with MaxiCab Melbourne Airport

At MaxiCab Melbourne Airport we are committed to getting our passengers to their destination on time every time. We’ll arrive with plenty of time to spare, and make sure all our passengers are comfortable and their luggage is loaded securely before leaving the destination.

Our drivers are highly trained in customer service as well as driving techniques. We thrive on making our customers feel secure and we drive according to the road conditions. This can mean that we’ll drive a little slower in difficult conditions and we’re mindful of the need for our customers to arrive on time for their departure flights. We recommend booking your trip to arrive at least one and a half hours before your flight is scheduled to leave. This will give you enough time to get to your flight without being late.




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