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maxi taxi in melbourne

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      The Benefits Of Using Maxi Taxi Melbourne


You have your passport, visa, money and suitcases ready, but did you remember the final most important detail? How you are getting to the airport? There’s no need to panic. Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is here to help. The best maxi taxi in the industry, Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport will transport you from your home to the airport while you just sit back and relax, or chatter excitedly about your travel plans.

And that is not all we do. Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport will accommodate your travel arrangements in multiple ways. Read on for the benefits of using Maxi & Taxi .

Safe and easy trip to and from the Melbourne & Avalon Airport

 As our name suggests, we can take you to and from both Melbourne and Avalon Airports. We will not charge a waiting time if your flight is delayed, and it does not matter how early or late you book. We want to accommodate everyone as best we can.

So, as soon as you step out of Arrivals, you will see one of our Maxi Taxi Avalon Airport drivers waiting at the gate to take you home or wherever you wish to go. Pre-book with us and you will not have to wait in long queues for a taxi or shuttle bus. We will help you with your luggage and direct you to our maxi cab taxi.

And if you are travelling to the airport from home or your hotel, ditch the queues and shuttle bus timetables, squeeze in some nap-time or extra sight-seeing and then relax in a Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne.

Transporting lots of luggage

 If you are on a family holiday, you will no doubt be taking a lot of luggage with you. And what better a way to transport it to the airport with you than travelling with Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Airport. We know lots of large suitcases are not going to fit in your average sized taxi, so this is where our maxi taxi luggage capacity comes in very handy. We want to go that extra mile to make you feel comfortable on your journey so you will have all that extra space for your luggage.

Group trips

 Are you on a night out with your mates and worried about how you will get home? There is no need to stress about splitting your group up into three or four cabs. Our maxi cab taxis will take up to 11 people. Travelling together will give you peace of mind that everyone arrives home safely. Spacious and comfortable, Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne is the perfect option for a big group or large family. Our customers are our number one priority.

Holiday and business trips

 If you are holidaying in Melbourne the last thing you want to do is get around Melbourne on public transport, battling the trams and buses. Book a maxi taxi and take in Melbourne’s scenery while leaving the driving up to one of our professional drivers who are highly skilled dealing with Melbourne’s trams and traffic as well as locations.

The same goes for corporate travellers. You do not want to start navigating the streets of Melbourne if you need to prepare for a meeting. Book a maxi taxi, sit back and get ready for the meeting in the comfort and safety of a Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Airport.


Wheelchair Taxi access

Our maxi taxis are fitted with a hoist and lift so they can easily accommodate up to two wheelchairs. Our dedicated drivers are caring and respectful and experienced providing a personal service to people with disabilities. As they care about getting all clients to their destinations safely, our drivers are trained in wheelchair taxi Melbourne services.

Professional, safe and friendly drivers

 Maxi cab Taxi Melbourne Airport lives by its motto of being efficient and courteous to its clients. We firmly believe in giving you the service you deserve. Not only clean, well-groomed and good communicators, our drivers have excellent knowledge of the Melbourne metropolitan region, CBD, airports and hotels.

Before our drivers can get out on the road, they are vetted with police checks to ensure your utmost safety. We employ only the most professional, highly experienced and safe drivers. Plus, all of our cars have the added benefit of 24-hour security cameras, so you know that wherever you are headed to you will arrive safely.

Available 24/7

 To guarantee your maximum safety, our maxi cabs are available every hour of every day. So, if you walk out of a bar or club alone, you can be sure that your pre-booked maxi taxi is waiting for you. Just remember to pre-book by contacting us on 03 8374 2232 or, or even online and we will send out a car to meet you shortly after. We will keep you safe all the way from pickup to your front door. Whether you are out alone at 1am or carrying lots of shopping on a scorching summer afternoon, there is never a need to feel helpless or stranded. Contact us and we will be there for you.

Costs and quotes

 Our fares are calculated on the meter and our cabs are installed with the latest GPS and EFTPOS technology. And we accept all cards for payment including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Cabcharge and Motorpass. If you would like an approximate cost just click on the link below for an estimate:

Or, go to our Home Page for a maxi taxi quote, fill in the details and we will contact you with your quote. Alternatively, give us a call on 03 8374 2232 or email at

We guarantee that our prices very cost-effective and economical in comparison to our competitors’.

Large fleet of cabs

 Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Airport has over 60 vehicles in its fleet. This includes maxi taxis (with 11 seats and wheelchair access), station wagons and sedans. All our vehicles are the latest models, well-maintained and clean, and our drivers ensure their cabs are kept in prime condition for your comfort.

Different from the rest

 Maxi Cab Taxi Melbourne Airport is different from our competitors. We will have you travelling in style in our up-to-date, immaculate cabs. Our drivers are well-groomed, good communicators, friendly and reliable. We are a name you can trust 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a very reasonable cost.

Secure your maxi taxi booking before your next trip with us and travel in style and comfort.



Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport

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Thousands of people arrive in Melbourne every day, and it becomes important to book your airport transportation service. Maxi Taxis provides the best airport transfers in Melbourne. By booking with us you can be sure that you’ll arrive in style and comfort. Many people come to Melbourne for food, scenic beauty and for personal reasons. This can include a tour of the city of Melbourne or a holiday. Most of the people come with their family, friends, or loved ones. One of the reasons why people love  Melbourne as a tourist destination is the ease of available service of taxis.

Arriving in Melbourne

When coming to Melbourne for a city tour, travellers find cab services as one of the comfortable methods of going around the city. This is also because other public transportation services like buses, trams and trains are not scheduled according to your comfort and your travel timings. Usually, public transport is also overcrowded, and you won’t be able to enjoy your tour as you will be tired of running after buses and trains. But Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport Service only offers you a hassle-free travel, which enables you to travel in comfort, style and relaxing experience with our experienced and knowledgeable taxi driver.

Why you should choose taxi Services for travel?

      While you are travelling, you visit tourist destinations frequently and hence require transportation services, that’s why maxi taxi service offers 24 x7 x365 days taxi services. Booking our Taxis is very easy and convenient, and we take you to your destination to and from Melbourne Airport.

 Affordable pricing

Travelling around the city can be expensive and can often ruin your trip. But with the lower costs of the maxi taxi service, a lot of people are attracted to go to the city or around melbourne at an affordable price. We provide the most affordable and comfortable form of transport service in Melbourne. Please visit our fare Calculator to get estimate.

Relaxed and Comfortable services

Public transport can be a bit annoying when it is over-crowded, or you can’t find the transportation that matches your schedule. You may not be able to relax when you can’t find a place to sit. But Taxi services are very flexible and comfortable. Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport service is available anytime and you can travel to Melbourne wherever you want in your own comfort.

 Saves your precious Time

The taxi arrives 5 minutes before the required time. This means you don’t have to wait for hours for the train or bus to arrive or walk to a place to wait for the bus. Taxi services offer services which make your holiday, trip or tour more relaxed. It offers a comfortable, flexible, and relaxed environment for you to enjoy your holiday. Not only this, but taxi drivers are professional and experienced persons. This means you don’t have to spend your precious time looking for confusing and different routes.

Maxi Taxis Service promises to:

  • Providing the best Taxi rates in Melbourne
  • Our Maxi Cabs are neat and clean.
  • Best and accurate routes.
  • Well-secured and takes care of passenger safety.
  • Baby Seats and Wheelchair support Available
  • Reaches at the pickup point 5 minutes before the required time.
  • Pre-booking available for Maxi taxi Melbourne airport

Still, confused? Get in touch with us and book online or call us on +61 3 8374 2232 today!


Maxi Taxi Melbourne Airport


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